We offer a variety of personalization options for our products. Here’s a quick guide for the variety of options available and a few recommendation on what options best fit our products and their combinations as well.

Personalization Type

Blind Deboss

Debossing leaves an imprinted design that is depressed on the product material. With debossing, we impress a die on the surface on your product’s material. “Blind” deboss is when there is no stamping or printing over the depressed design.

Blind Deboss

Best suited for:
  • Materials : Genuine Leather
  • Font Sizes : Large
  • Font Styles : All Caps, Serif


Gold Foil Stamping

Gold foil stamping uses a combination of heat, foil, and dies to leave Gold foil lettering that stands out on your material. Foil stamping looks great on clean, smooth materials.

Gold Foil Stamping

Best suited for :

  • Materials : Leatherette
  • Font Sizes : Small
  • Font Styles : All Caps, Sans Serif 



Embroidery personalization entails needlework stitching the custom text on the product material. This works best with our softer materials, such as canvas.


Best suited for :

  • Materials : Canvas
  • Font Sizes : Large
  • Font Styles : Upper Case

Font Styles

You may choose from the following font style options:


Serif Serif Style

Has small decorative flourishes at the ends of the lettering; has a classically elegant and timeless design.

Sans Serif Sans Serif Style

No decorative flourishes on lettering; has a clean and modern design.


  • All Caps : All letters of the text are capitalized
  • Upper Case : Only the first letter of the text is capitalized.
  • Lower Case : No capitalization is used

Font Size

You may choose from the following options for font sizes:

Large : Works best with short text, such as Initials, and is more prominent on smaller surface areas such as Bag tags, Luggage Tags, and Keychains.

Small : Works best with longer text, such as complete names, and looks subtly beautiful on large surface areas such as on passport holders and wallets.